Monday, July 26, 2004

got 2 ghost stories to share:


Ill tell you a story about this dude that lives around my area.this fella, lets call him Amin (not real name) had just bought a second hand car for a dirt cheap price. He loved to show off his car to us but we didnt care. We used to lepak at the bus stop in front of our lorong in the evenings. One day, while me n my 2 friends we were 'lepak-ing', Amin drove past us and revved his engine while passing us showing off his new sport exhaust, there was also a girl sitting wearing a red dress beside him, all 3 of us saw the girl, she had long hair and was looking down, so we couldnt get a clear view of her face. We knew Amin lived with only his brother and he didnt have a girlfriend yet, so we thought maybe he was trying to 'show off' his new girlfriend as he likes to show off everything he has. The next day, the same thing happened, the girl was in the car with him, we were getting curious about who she was. Later that night we met Amin at the coffee shop nearby. We asked him who was the girl with him this past 2 days. He told us that there was no one with him and he was driving alone. He kept denying till we were fed up of asking him.The next day,I wasnt around but one of my friends saw him passing by with the girl again but my other friend saw no one else in the car, about 100m from the bus stop Amin had crashed into a divider and landed in a drain.He said he lost control as he was startled by a girl with long hair wearing a red dress who suddenly appeared in his rear view mirror. He was confirmed to actually be alone in the car at time time.One of my friend who has a brother working in the police dept. took note of the accident and did some research on the car. It turns out it was involved in a fatal accident two years ago, the victim was a 23yr old chinese lady,she was reported to be wearing a red dress at the time.


Whow karak, one of da scariest highways in malaysia... if u travel at nite.. the road is really damn dark... they say there is a dead spot there where suddenly no hp signals can get through when ur there... they say that's where strange 'things' starts to happen... My friend even told me a story once that there was a couple travelling on that road, this guy who is sorta kaki racing fella and one day when they was driving suddenly they see a car overtook them in at a very high speed, this fella also wanted to chase him but for the gal, she told him very seriously not to chase that car and that she sounded very scared also. The guy look at her and never see her act that way before decides to give up the chase and later when they just carried on to their destination without much talk and when suddenly few minutes after the drive they saw the same car again which is crashed into the railing of the road. The guy asked her puzzeledly as thou thinking that her gal was psysic or something and knowing that this would happen and all.The gal said that actually she had a feeling tat something was gonna go wrong... she told the guy that when that car past them earlier that time... she saw a figure behind chasing the car....

(taken from terato)

Monday, July 5, 2004

dunno what to do today, just listening to Sinar FM (they got pretty good oldies).And, maybe be waiting for Yamaha Music to send Electone this evening. bored,bored,bored!!