Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jogjakarta - Part 2

1. After our visit to Borobodur, we then stopped at kebun buah salak in Tiwi.

2. Tiwi district is known for its salak pondoh, which is sweet and crunchy. We hand-picked about 2 kilograms of salak back to hotel. It only cost us RM2.50/kg.

3. For lunch, we then headed to Boyong Kalegan restaurant. This place is special because it was built like hut, and customer sit on the floor when eating.

4. We ordered gurameh bakar, cumi goreng tepung pedas and lalapan(ulam). The taste was marvelous!

Monday, June 1, 2009


1.We reached the airport by 5PM, our driver Pak Asrul was already around to pick us to the hotel.

2.Since it was raining when we arrived, we decided just to had dinner and short tour around the city that night.

3.By 8am the next day, we decided to visit Candi Borobodur. It was built by Buddhist under Srivijaya empire.

4.Here you can find a lot of Buddha statues without head, according to our driver it was stolen due to its high price.

5.An advice for those who planned to visit here, do act as someone come from Jakarta if you want to enjoy locals entrance rate. A foreign visitor need to pay Rp100,000 while Rp12,500 for locals, big difference rite?